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Explore and Discover information about the health benefits of fasting for just 2 days in every 7 .
Our organisation is created to allow us to share users experiences associated with the 2 Day Fast
It's not for everyone get the facts and then - before proceeding - check with your doctor if there are any underlying health reasons for you not to follow this type of diet.
Check the facts for yourself but please... maintain a healthy dose of skepticism!.

We're passionate about trying to help people improve their well-being and their self esteem get the facts and open your mind to what is perhaps one of the most significant discoveries about diet and nutrition in recent times.

"Six weeks after starting , I had another full medical. The results were impressive. I had lost well over a stone. My blood glucose, which had been borderline diabetic, was normal and my cholesterol levels were also down ."
Dr. Michael Mosely, BBC Horizon
This is the first time in my life that I have felt in total control of my diet Read my blog entries...

Fast Facts?

  • Fast for any 2 days in 7
  • 500 Calories per Fast Day day for Women
  • 600 Calories per Fast Day for Men
  • Each Fast Day does not need to be consecutive
  • Eat as much as you want on your "Feed Days"
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Excerpts from our Blog

Important Disclaimer This web site is not affiliated to the BBC, Dr. Michael Mosely, The Daily Telegraph nor any other media outlet. It's purpose is to explore and share information about the benefits (or otherwise) of introducing the 2 Day Fast (or what is sometimes known as the 5:2 Diet) . The author is himself participating in the program and wishes to share information and any resulting health benefits that have occurred. Always seek medical advice before embarking on any calorie controlled programs.